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One Tough Question

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One of the biggest challenges with customer loyalty is the oft-conflicting definitions that marketers and customers have regarding loyalty. Customers who purchase only small items, but frequently, or large items consistently but infrequently may consider themselves loyal; but the seller may not if those customers don’t meet that seller’s criteria for being loyal.

This free eBook will explore:

  • Gaining a data-driven understanding of consumer preferences to reward customer loyalty
  • Rewarding loyalty by shaping rewards based on individual consumer behavior
  • Resolving the challenge presented when your customers’ definition of loyalty is at odds with your own

So, how should an organization best reward or recognize customers who see themselves as loyal, but aren’t in terms of how the company defines it? Here, several customer loyalty experts provide their advice.

Two Views of Customer Loyalty

Customers who see themselves as loyal may not be in the eyes of a brand. What's a marketer to do?

Two Views of Customer Loyalty

One Tough Question

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