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Email Marketing

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2015 Essential Guide

As email continues to evolve and reinvent itself, marketers need to better understand their customers to engage them and drive action. Sixteen marketing leaders from companies as diverse as Liveclicker , Epsilon, and Salesforce give their unique takes on how to ensure that your email marketing strategies are getting the desired results.

Email’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Here’s how marketers overcome the latter to capitalize on the former.

Download this guide today to explore why it's time to stop saying "blast," and time to start saying "campaign" or "mailing."

7 Ways to Use Email to Combat Email Disengagement

You will learn:

The Complex, Yet Straightforward State of Email Deliverability

Capitalizing on Email's Strengths While Overcoming Its Weaknesses

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How often do you refer to your email campaigns as blasts? Hanging onto the language of mass marketing when attempting to transition to a more personalized approach is counterproductive. It’s time to get in the zone with this Essential Guide.

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