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Bring Dark Social Into the Light

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One Tough Question

Marketers confounded by offline social shares can track engagement in other ways. Here's how.

According to a recent Forbes report, dark social accounts for 69% of sharing globally, with 59% in North America. Tapping into dark social allows marketers to grasp how consumers share in one-to-one social aspects—such as via messaging apps, IM, and e-mail—opening up a new world of social to listen, learn, and engage.

Common practices such as short links and vanity URLs useful for tracking shares via dark social

You will learn:

How to use attribution models and testing to tap determine the reach of dark social shares

Ways that customer insight can help approximate consumers’ social sharing behaviors

Marketers mystified by offline social shares can track engagement in other ways. In this brief but insightful eBook, 11 marketing experts offer their perspectives on how marketing professionals can monitor activities such as shares on dark social, as well as offer useful alternatives.

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